The Lottie Hutzler Tobin Walk-Around
South Manitou Island (c. 1898 - 1900)
(contributed by Bonnie Belmer)
[ 1] Andrew Erickson
[ 2] George Hutzler
[ 3] Mr. George Haas
[ 4] Christoph Beck
[ 5] August Beck
[ 6] Conrad Hutzler
[ 7] Andrew Burdick
[ 8] Thomas Price
[ 9] Richard Kitchen
[10] Thomas Foster
[11] George C. Hutzler Jr.
[12] Henry Haas
[13] George I. Hutzler
[14] Bent Johnson (farm)
[15] Theodore Beck
[16] Oswald Furst
[17] Ben Johnson (house)
[18] Florence Haas
Island residents, as recalled by:
Charlotte ("Lottie") Hutzler was born on
South Manitou Island in August of 1889,
the daughter of George Hutzler Jr. and
Selma Erickson. She married Lightkeeper
John K. Tobin in 1906, and they had eight
children, including Mae Tobin Carron, the
mother of Bonnie Belmer. In the 1920s she
operated a store and served as Postmaster
in what is now the island's visitors center.
  • Transcribed from handwritten pages January 25, 2012
     by ManitouIslandsArchives.Org.
  • Family data, name variations and spellings transcribed
     as they appear on the original.
  • Italicized notes added
  • Risdon survey map courtesy of the U.S. Bureau of
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