Joseph A. Orbeck Jr. Collection

Joe is the grandson of Mary Ann Shank, who grew up on South Manitou Island as the daughter of Marianna (Ziegler) Schenck (a.k.a. "Christina Hutzler) and the (apparently) de facto step-daughter of George Conrad Hutzler.[1]

Mary Ann Shank and her older brother Roland Shank, were the children of Marianna's first husband, Christopher J. Schenck, both immigrants from Germany living near Lancaster, Pennsylvania. He died as a Civil War soldier in 1865. Roland Shank, a familiar figure in island lore because he remained on the island during his entire lifetime, was therefore Joe's great-uncle. Mary Ann married German immigrant Julius Krause of Garfield Township (near Traverse City) and they had eight children, their fifth being Elizabeth. She married Joseph A. Orbeck Sr. of Kalamazoo-Plainwell area of Michigan, where Joe grew up and has spent the better part of his life. (He currently resides in Midland, Michigan.)[2]

Joe's collection includes the following documents.


[1] For more on the Hutzler families, see the biographical essays.
Materials submitted courtesy of David Orbeck.