Newspaper Clip: Death of William Burton
c. Monday, June 3, 1872 - Cleveland

According to the family genealogy study, Descendants of Josiah Burton, published in 1928, William Burton "died probably in Wisconsin, 31 May 1872, aged eighty years." Contrary to this news item (which contradicts itself in this respect) William Burton did not live in Buffalo. According to the June 1870 U.S. Census, his son James Covel Burton was a resident of Buffalo, listed as a "Marine Inspector" living there with his family. The William Burton's maintained a permanent residence in Ohio City (Cleveland), even while living principally on South Manitou Island. If William died in Buffalo, it probably would have been as a visitor or patient.

The death of Mr. Willliam Burton, of Buffalo, is elsewhere announced. Mr. Burton died at the residence of his son, Mr. J.C. Burton, at Buffalo, on Thursday [1]. The deceased was father of Mrs. Captain L.A. Pierce [2], of this city. He settled in Cleveland in 1832, and lived here till ten or twelve years ago, when he removed to the Manitou Islands[2]. Mr. Burton had reached the ripe age of eighty.

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  1. May 31, 1872 was a Friday, not a Thursday; so might actually have been the date that his death record was signed. Other death records indicate that he died in Cleveland on June 3, 1873, leading to the assumption that they were mistakenly based upon the publication of these notices in the Cleveland newspaper.
  2. "Mrs. Captain L.A. Pierce" - Martha-Ann Burton, fourth-born of William and Lucy Burton's seven children. Captain Pierce was the locally well-known founder of the Detroit & Cleveland Steam Navigation Company, and was a General Agent for the Michigan Central Railroad.
  3. The Burtons were prominent, and civically engaged in Ohio City from 1832 on. They apparently became frequent residents on South Manitou Island after retirement, where their son Ellison lived with his family, maintaining the Burton family enterprises there.

Submitted by Phyllis Begens, great-granddaughter of Eunice Marion Burton