Newspaper Clip: Death of Martha (Burton) Pierce
c. Saturday, June 8, 1907 - Cleveland

Martha A. Pierce was Martha-Ann Burton, fourth-born child and second-eldest daughter of William and Lucy-Boyd Rice Burton's seven children.


Mother-in-Law of Calvary Morris Passes Away


Settled Here With Husband, Captain Pierce,
Sixty Years Ago

Mrs. Martha A. Pierce, a much beloved resident of Cleveland for more than 60 years, died at the home of her son-in-law, Calvary Morris [1], at Wickliffe, at 11:30 p.m. Friday. Mrs. Pierce contracted a cold last December, from which she never made a full recovery, and from that time on steadily failed until the end came. She was in her eightieth year.

Mrs. Pierce was Miss Martha Burton. Her birthplace was St. Albans, Vt. She became the wife of the late Captain L.A. Pierce 61 years ago, the ceremony being performed on Manitou island [2]. Almost immediately afterward Captain and Mrs. Pierce settled in Cleveland and she lived here continuously, excepting that her last few years were spent in her son-in-law's Wickliffe home.

Husband Dead 26 Years

The Pierce family homestead was at 637 Prospect avenue S.E., (old number). Captain Pierce was extremely active and prosperous. He was the founder of the Detroit & Cleveland Steam Navigation Company. His death occurred 26 years ago this month [3]. Twenty-four years ago, Mrs. Pierce became a member of the household of Calvary Morris, living with his family either at 808 (old number) Prospect avenue S.E., or at Wickliffe, until the hour of her death.

She is survived by two daughters, Mrs. R.B. Fish of Fultonville, N.Y., and Mrs. W.R. Doering; and by two granddaughters, Miss Dorothy Doering and Miss Flora Morris.

Mrs. Pierce was one of the founders of Huron Street hospital, and at the time of her death was a trustee of the institution.

Services will be held at the home of Mr. Morris at 10:30 o'clock Monday morning. The burial will be in Lake View cemetery.

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  1. Calvary Morris married Flora-Hale pierce, the second of Martha's three daughters. He was a prominent Cleveland banker, coal dealer (Morris Coal Company - 1897), President of the Ashland & Western Railroad Company (1905), etc.
  2. According to the Burton family genealogy, Descendants of Joshia Burton, the marriage occured on October 27, 1845 in Detroit, Michigan.
  3. Lawson-Agustus Pierce died June 20, 1881 and is also buried in Cleveland's historic Lake View Cemetery.

Submitted by Phyllis Begens, great-granddaughter of Eunice Marion Burton