Rosie (Haas) Warner Collection

Rosie Warner was a direct descendent of two South Manitou Island pioneer families. Her father was Henry Haas, son of George Haas, and her mother was Margaret Hutzler, daughter of George Conrad Hutzler.

The George Conrad Hutzler and George Haas families emigrated from Bavaria, both eventually arriving on the island during the 1860's. Both were encouraged to come to the island by George Johann Hutzler, who had arrived in 1853. The Haas family were friends of the Hutzler's. "Conrad" was George Johann's half-brother. These were the first of the four German immigrant families who eventually became the backbone of the island's farming community.

Rosie married August Warner of Port Oneida, who was working on the island as a woodchopper. August, and his sister Rachel, were the illegitimate children of Katherine Pertner, who grew up on a farm outside of Leeland, and one of the boys from the Carlson family of North Manitou Island. Katherine eventually married one of the boys from Port Oneida's Werner family, her two illegitimate children then assuming the name "Warner" in order to differentiate them from any other children that union might produce - of which there were two; Herman and Ella.

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